Going DIY on Previously Installed System

I need to be able to use the Cameras and the Glass Break Sensors plus the Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

I was told they would all work with this system. I had Vivint before.

Do you have these sensors learned into your panel? If you are referring to sensor activity monitoring regarding the glass break detectors and the carbon monoxide detector, you will be unable to select the carbon for this service. The carbon monoxide detector, being a life safety sensor, is either idle or in alarm state regardless of arming state of the panel, thus activity monitoring is unnecessary. Whenever it trips, an alarm is generated.

We list information on the difference between activity monitoring and security monitoring.

Cameras will need to be removed from your old account, factory reset, and re-added to your new Alarm.com account in order to be accessible. You can find a forum post on that process here.

Yes. It will all work. All the equipment/sensors, cameras are 2GIG and alarm.com. if you have The Go!Control, then panel and equipment are identical. All you need is a new cell Module and most likely firmware update