GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener unable to open/close the door

I have 2GIG Go!Control Touch Screen Wireless Control Panel (2GIG-CP21-345E) (#SC1000) controller with 1.13 firware. i recently purchased GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller and it is not opening or closing my garage door. it beeps and shows as garage door operating on the controller but it is not actually closing garage door. it shows operation failed. i checked the wires twice and also twisted the wires with the existing push button controller wires. push button opener works fine but GD00Z is not opening or closing the garage door. what could be the issue?

Looks like this was just added today? Keep in mind Z-wave is a mesh network, and AC powered Z-wave nodes, like plug in appliance switches and light switches, will repeat signals and make the network stronger. It looks like the Garage Opener is the only Z-wave device listed, so depending on the distance between it and the primary panel you may have signaling trouble.

That said, ADC had not received any initial status from the GD00Z-4, and after an update request it looks like the panel was able to report the current status.

Try logging out of Alarm.com and logging back in. Do you still have the same trouble?

thank you for quick response jason. i added this today. am i suppose to logout of alarm.com from controller? if yes, i could not figure it out. i logged out and in from app. still not working

Thank you for the video, so it has never worked locally from the panel? What model of overhead controller is that?

did you mean garage door opener? it is liftmaster accessmaster. and z wave opener is GD00Z-4

What color is the learn button on the overhead opener? Is it yellow?

i think yellow
Google Photos

If it is yellow, the GD00Z-4 will not be compatible. The newest Liftmasters use a new wireless protocol and the GD00Z-4 compatibility chart shows them as not compatible.

You would want to use the Liftmaster MyQ (they would be MyQ compatible already, so the 828LM should be all that is needed.)

thank you jason. why does it matter? GD00Z-4 is trying to control the garage opener using wires.

I’d need to check with Liftmaster on what changed to stop the third party wired device from functioning.

I’ve attached the compatibility chart for reference.