Go Control Z Wave Lights Going Bad

We have had our 2 gig system for about 3 years now. Everything works pretty well, except our Go Control Z Wave lights are going bad. 4 out of the 7 have completely stopped working and 2 others are flickering off and on and seem like they are going to go bad.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

4 out of the 7 have completely stopped working and 2 others are flickering off and on and seem like they are going to go bad.

Just to verify, it looks like there are actually a total of 11 lights on the related account. Can you confirm the total number?

I am only seeing 3 listed as in malfunction, not four.

This is typically due to signaling issues. Have you perhaps removed some of the lights from your system recently?


Thanks for getting back to me…

Total number is 11. 7 Exterior, 4 Interior.

Only ones working properly now are:
Kitchen Island, Family Room Plug

Ones that are flickering or come on/off at random times are:
Mud Room Deck, Garage Exterior, Deck Light, Deck Flood Light, Basement Walkout Light, Back Garage Door Light.

Ones that have completely stopped working are:
Front Porch Light, Foyer Soffit, Foyer Hallway.

I have not removed any lights from the system… the 3 that haven’t been working have been offline for quite sometime.

Any help is much appreciated! Would really like to get things back to running properly. I had all my timers & rules set up and it was great when working.

Thank you!

Unfortunately the panel firmware is too old to support more advanced remote troubleshooting features, but one thing you’re describing is very strange and likely indicative of a separate issue:

If you have lights flickering, then you’ve likely got bulbs that are either not supported by the Z-wave switches or possibly an electrical problem.

What model of Z-wave Devices are the ones that are flickering? What type of bulbs do you have installed in the circuits?

In Alarm.com, the panel is only reporting a single light with a malfunction. Further equipment update requests end up sending the same details. Would it be alright to send a system reboot command now? This can assist with any incorrect Z-wave reports.


Z Wave Switches are Go Control:

Linear WS15Z-1
-Front porch which has not worked for about a year… also, makes a buzzing sound constantly.
-Foyer hallway which hasn’t worked for a couple of years.
-Deck Light & Deck flood light which flicker on and off
-Garage, mud room, garage back door, basement walkout which all have come off and on at different times than timers are set for (no flickering though)

Linear WD500Z-1
-Foyer soffit which has not worked for a couple of years.
-Kitchen island dimmer, works fine

Linear WO15Z-1
Family room plug, works fine

All light bulbs have been changed from what they originally were except: Foyer soffit which worked fine for
a year or so and family room plug which still works. I can get you the exact light bulb types when I get home from work tonight.

Yes, fine to send a system reboot.

Thank you!!

I ended up replacing 3 of the switches. Can you send me video link tutorial on how to learn in new z wave switches to my 2 gig system?


Ah, yes if they continued to fail after the reboot there is likely a device failure.

Happy to help! This video from 2GIG provides a step-by-step on learning in Z-wave lights.