Go Control Garage Door Malfunction

I recently installed a new GC3 to replace one that was malfunctioning and re-entered all the sensors and zwave devices. I have a GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller. The system reports it as malfunctioning, although it seems to be operating correctly. On the panel, it is shown with a half empty battery icon, even though it is plugged into ac power directly and is not a battery device. Not sure what is going on or how to clear the malfunction or if there is an actual problem.

I do not see a malfunction listed for the Linear Z-wave opener.

I do see a malfunction for the Garage Door sensor, which is a standard sensor zone, showing as zone 8 on the panel.

It looks like you have both a “Garage Door” sensor and a “Door to Garage” sensor. You would need to just determine whether “Garage Door” (the one malfunctioning) is referring to the overhead or the man-door.

Malfunction listed for a sensor typically is an “offline” status, meaning loss of sensor supervision. This is commonly the result of a borderline low battery and environmental conditions which hinder signal transmission. Try replacing the batteries on the Garage Door zone sensor. Does this resolve the issue?

Aha. Sounds like the tilt sensor battery is low. I will replace it and see if that solves the issue.

Ok. I have replaced the battery in the GoControl paired tilt sensor. I have also added a regular tilt sensor that was already in place. Early this morning, I received another sms message that the garage door had gone offline. The panel shows garage door (loss of supervision) and the app shows malfunction (garage door). Meanwhile, the garage door is reporting open and close correctly and the GoControl opener is working fine. I am not sure what the problem is or even if there is a problem at all.

The sensor in this case would not be the tilt sensor associated with the GD00Z.

The Garage Door device reporting malfunction for loss of supervision is a security sensor. It looks like it is a tilt sensor based on the equipment code I see in programming, but it would not be the Go!Control tilt sensor associated with the GD00Z.

The non-GD00Z tilt sensor would need to have its batteries replaced, then further troubleshooting if batteries do not resolve.

So, it is sensor 19 that is the problem. Yes?

No. The malfunctioning sensor is Zone 8.

Please verify Zone 8 on your panel. The RF TXID does not match that of Zone 19, so it is a different sensor.

Zone 8 also uses equipment code for a tilt sensor. Is this possibly incorrect? Is it possibly a mislabeled zone?

Zone 8 is the tilt sensor that is associated with the GoControl garage opener. Perhaps it is identified incorrectly. How should it be classified?

Ahh, it should not be learned into the control panel. We have been told by 2GIG that the tilt sensor with the GD00Z is not intended for use as a Zone. That makes more sense as it looks like that Zone has been reporting malfunction pretty much since installation (shows having been installed 9/29)

You will want to just delete Zone 8 and use the other tilt sensor as a zone.

The malfunctioning tilt is paired to the GD00Z independently of the panel.

Really. Got it. Will do.