Go control 2 programming for Linear WA105DBZ-1

I purchased a Linear Linear WA105DBZ-1 Z wave sounder to supplement my GC2 when the alarm was triggered. The instructions that came along with it in the box are generic and not specific to a GC2. I am unable to locate any on the forums. Can someone help me with the steps to include this device to my GC2 and the selections to activate only when the alarm is triggered? I have a GC2 with firmware and Z wave 2gig-b 3.42. Thank you!

Z-wave sirens would be added the same as other Z-wave devices:

Services - Z-wave - Wrench Icon - Installer Code - Add Devices - (perform the learn procedure on the siren, typically just a learn button.) You may need to Remove the device first if it currently has a network link (Same as above, but press Remove Devices)

Q88 in programming determines function of Z-wave Siren command class devices. You can select them to sound during only burglary alarms or during burglary and life safety (fire/co)

Hi there,
These were helpful instructions. Thanks! I’m still having issues with the siren not going off in coordination with the CG2 siren. Are there other programming changes that are supposed to be made?


Beyond Q88, no there shouldn’t be.

What model of siren are you using currently?

By going off do you mean activating? Or do you mean turning off after activating?

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the reply. I’m using the WA105DBZ-1. Yes, that was confusing; I meant activating. If I trigger the alarm, the CG2 panel siren goes off but the WA105DBZ-1 does nothing. My solution was to add a rule and scene within Z-wave. Is that an OK way of going about it?

My solution was to add a rule and scene within Z-wave. Is that an OK way of going about it?

Yes, that would work if the siren is discovered as a switch.

What firmware are you using on your GC2 panel?

Great, thank you! Yes, it was listed as a switch.