My glass break monitor is going off multiple times per day. There is another glass break in an adjacent room that seems to be working fine. Is there a chance the monitor I am using is defective? I am going to run some tests this weekend, but wanted to get my question out, assuming I learn nothing from my tests.

Just to check, where is this sensor located? Is it in a room which is completely climate controlled? (the name makes me think it may be in a partially outdoor space)

If it is not in a space which is climate controlled that may be the cause of issues, as the 2GIG GB1 Glass Break is an interior only device (what it appears to be programmed as).

The GB1 also does not have sensitivity settings, so if it is a completely indoor and climate controlled space and there are false alarm hazards such as dogs or other noises, it may be beneficial to look at a model with sensitivity settings like the Honeywell 5853.

Barring all that, it is certainly possible that it is plainly malfunctioning. I am actually seeing a couple instances where it remained open for an extended period, which does not make sense for a Glass Break as they do not function that way.

It is totally indoor. I am going to swap it with the detector that is functioning and see if that has any bearing.

That would be a good test to swap with the same model. If you also see the same activity from that sensor in a different location then it is likely a damaged sensor.

I swapped the sensors. The suspected bad sensor behaved in the same manner in the position where the existing glass break sensor was. It appears the new sensor is defective. I purchased this sensor through the suretydiy store, is it possible to get a replacement?

If the sensor was purchased through suretyDIY the GB1 warranty is 2 years, you can find info on our warranty policy and options here. Be sure to include the RMA and Return Form linked on that page with any return shipment.


I removed the batteries and boxed up the glassbreak detector and an odd thing happened. The glassbreak for that device is still showing to trip. Did I set it up incorrectly to start with?

Perhaps, I do not see any tamper alert when the sensor would have been opened. Can you send a secure message here which includes the TXID (serial number) of the sensor you believe to be malfunctioning? It will be seven digits and printed on the back of the sensor.

In looking at record of your orders, I do not see the TXID listed for the GB1 bought from us programmed into your system. It could be that when learning it in you accidentally captured the serial of a different sensor.

As a follow up, looks like we received your message and the TXID matches the GB1 that was purchased, but that TXID does not match the Sun Glass Break programming, and in fact is not programmed into your panel at all as far as I can tell, so it isn’t that sensor which is reporting.

Was this new Glass Break intended to replace an existing one or was it supposed to be a completely new zone?


I looked back at the programming and reprogrammed the new glassbreak into the system (no idea what the last device was). I will wait and see if it fixes my problem. I assume it will.