Glassbreak not Working as Intended on 2GIG panel

I noticed that my glass break sensor doesn’t appear to be set up to notify the central monitoring station when it goes off. This seems like a huge vulnerability in my alarm system. What do I need to do in the settings to make this happen?

It would appear that Dialer Delay is enabled for the Glassbreaks i see on this account. Dialer delay adds a delay to forwarding an alarm for that sensor to the central station. I do see a “pending alarm” reported in the history this month from one of the glassbreaks, so it looks like this was what you were referring to.

You will want to disable the dialer delay, if you wish for there to be no added delay to the alarm signal being forwarded to the monitoring station.

You’ll want to get into the installer toolbox->system configuration->scroll right to the glassbreak(s)->scroll down to dialer delay and set to disabled.

This video will walk you through setting up a glassbreak should you need it: