Glass Breaks

Can the sensor type for glass breaks be changed?

In essence I am looking to make this a “clapper” for zwave lights/fans. Don’t want sound to trigger alarm just automation.

Would a hardy clap work? I understand the clapper sells for approx 20 dollars so that would be a smarter purchase but wouldn’t work with a ceiling fan…

Changed the sensor type of some of my motion sensors to prevent alarm activation and execute fan on triggers upon walking into a room.

Can glass breaks be used in the same fashion?

I do not think you’ll find much success using a glass break detector in this manner.

You can of course program the sensor as type 25, local safety, which will not trip an alarm but will report activity to ADC.

I do not know of a glass break detector that would reliably respond in this manner. The most sensitive and false alarm prone detector I know of is a wired brand - and you would probably still need to be within 4-5 feet of it to reliably set it off with clapping. (you would also likely be setting it off with doors closing, dogs barking, loud movies, etc.)

:slight_smile: Thanks for helping me “think” that through