Glass break triggered by light switch (IQ4)

My panel is mounted above a light switch. I discovered the hard way when I recently went to turn on the lights that the sound of the light switch next to the panel triggers the glass break sensor. Tested it a few more times and it happens without fail every time the switch is flipped. Is there anything I can do about this? Do they have some way I can report a false alarm on that switch sound? Thanks

Do they have some way I can report a false alarm on that switch sound?

So that we can best help, can you clarify what you mean? Are you asking if the panel can ignore certain sounds that would trigger it vs others? That is not possible.

I can report that this is occurring on a system to Qolsys for review and testing. If it is a common issue they would likely release firmware with preventative changes. I don’t recall any other reports of a switch doing this, but if the panel is right next to the switch plate it would be difficult to avoid. Adjusting the panel location would be the surest solution while still using the zone, or you can disable the glass break.

Is it a paddle or toggle switch?

It is a paddle switch. This one to be specific Quick Wire Backplate & Faceplate with Single Pole Simple Rocker Switch – Deako

More and more builders are using these in new build homes and they have a very clicky feel. I can record a video of the switch triggering the glass break if that would help.