Glass Break Test on RE109

I have read on the Surety Forums about testing a Honeywell Glass break and the FG-701 was recommended. Would that work as well for the Resolution Products RE109?

Either this sensor is the best or the absolute worse lol. I say that because I used to have the Honeywell Glass Breaks and I had false alarms from dogs barking and dinner plates getting stacked up. Even with the sensitivity lowered, I could always set it off by clapping and shaking one of my sons baby rattles with bells on it at the same time.

I have yet to be able to trip this sensor which leads me to believe this might just have a really good false alarm detection in it…or it stinks and wont pick up on anything :smiley:

Anyway, I want to buy a tester for it so I can make sure they all work properly - any suggestions?

I haven’t used the FG-701 personally, to test the Resolution Products Glass Breaks, but I have successfully used sound clips of breaking glass I found on YouTube. (Depending on how loud you play it, a thud sound while its playing may also be helpful.) I test this sensor by arming the system and then playing the sound clip. Usually, this will set off the alarm. Be prepared to answer your phone if you haven’t put your central station on test, if you don’t want a visit from the police.

Agreed, its much harder to trip for testing than most other glass breaks I’ve worked with. Usually dangling keys on the 2GIG Glass Break is enough to set it off.

Could you send me links of the clips you have used? I have downloaded the Glass Break Sound board from the Play Store and played it through a very loud Bluetooth Beats Jambox and still am unable to trip it.

I would just like to test them so I know they work :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I use this one -

I turn it up fairly loud, and haven’t needed to mimic a thud.

Are you testing with the system armed?

I just tested it with the system armed with the breaking glass soundboard as well as the youtube clip you just sent. I also tested it on two different, both very loud, Bluetooth speakers just in case one was more clear than the other.

Was unable to trip it. My next step is to start breaking dishes :wink: JK - but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it.

Although the system was armed, it should still trip in unarmed status, right?

Are you asking if the Qolsys panel would chime and/or send a voice prompt when you trip a glass break sensor? I’m not sure off the top of my head whether Qolsys will do that but if it won’t then you might try changing the sensor type to an entry/exit door temporarily just for testing so it will chime and then change it back to glass break when you’re done.

Another poor man’s way to trip a glass break is to shake your car keys and clap your hands together at the same time next to the glass break detector. I’ve used that trick a lot in the field.

I am stuck on this. To test the sensors I have done the following:

1)Clapped real loud
2)Jingled jingle bells right after clapping (this used to trip the Honeywell sensors I had and found out after my, then 6 months, would start jingling this rattle toy)
3)Used three various Bluetooth speakers to play the:
a) YouTube clip that Amanda provided above
b) Glass Break soundboard I posted above
4)Shook car keys while clapping
5)Screamed at various pitches, surely sounding silly, for about 10 minutes
6)Got my dog to bark close to the sensor

None of these work. Will one of you guys try to trip one in your office and let me know what you did? I would like to purchase the specific tool made for testing but cannot find one I am confident will work. IF you guys are able to replicate please let me know :slight_smile:

BTW, I have the system armed each time I am doing this with the phone close by :slight_smile:

Typically, if a glass break has decent false alarm protection built in, you will need to better replicate the initial flex audible signal. Clapping and jingling keys will work for 2Gig glass breaks, it will work most of the time for most models if you are close enough to the sensor. Wired Crow glass breaks (fairly cheap sensors) can be set off by simply snapping your fingers nearby.

If a glass break requires a flex sound, it’s best to do so by using glass, and it is always best to test from the distance you are hoping to cover. Wrap a long necked screwdriver handle in a thin cloth and tap the window (tap is not a forceful enough word, but obviously be very careful) while using a good sound bite of shattering glass. Pump up the volume to a realistic level and test with the alarm armed. (Which you said you were doing, just wanted to verify that yes, that is the best way to replicate circumstance.)

Finally! I have been able to trip the glass break sensors and replicate it. Hitting the window with a closed fist while dropping the jingle bells did it. So far I am very happy with the sensors :slight_smile:

Success is sweet. Thank you for posting your results previously. Good to see more evidence that these glass breaks withstand the infamous dog bark.