Glass Break Sensor Qolsys

We have the Qolsys IQ panel and found it has a glass break microphone that can be activated or not. We have 2 dogs one 25lb with a high frequency bark, think Chihuahua, the 2nd is a 4month old Pyrenees Akbash mix and will get between 100-120lbs with a deep bark. Could the dogs barking set off the glass break alarm at the panel.

I’ve seen cases of dog barks setting off glass break detectors before but I can’t say for sure about the built-in glass break on the IQ Panel. I’ll check with Qolsys and follow up with you when I hear something.

Thank you Roy, I did message Qolsys but like a dumb arz didnt click the arrow. Am chewing nails waiting on ya :wink:

The official word is you may get false alarms with dogs but if you really want to use it there are ways to experiment before turning it on. Here’s the more detailed reply.

So, the size of the dog doesn’t impact the glass break, but it’s the volume/pitch and the proximity to the glass break detector that impacts it. Technically, any dog in the right pitch can set off any glass break detector, the panel glass break included.

We have a couple recommendations. What you could do is try out the clap test (page 123 of the installation manual) and see if any of the dogs can set it off. Yellow just means it hears the dog, but green would mean that it would set off the alarm.

Secondly, the only true way to tell if a dog will set off the glass break is to test it out by arming the system and having the dog bark and see if the alarm goes off.

Typically, we don’t recommend arming the panel glass break (or any glass breaks) when dogs are in home and known to making noise as they could set off the alarm. But you could try the above recommendations and see if it helps!