Glass Break Sensor Open/Close events

Recently installed 2gig GC3 panel and takeover module. Also added the 2gig wireless glass sensor. Looking at the events logged on I see several instances of ‘Glass Break Open/Close’ logged. At least 4-5 times a day. I have not armed the system in Away mode yet.

Question: Are these events informational only or is a “Glass Sensor Open/Close” event means that an alarm would have tripped if the system was armed in away mode? Just trying to avoid false alarms and hassles with monitoring service. Thanks in advance.

If you see the Glass Break Detector showing Open/Close, yes that would indicate an alarm would have occurred if armed. The glass break only opens momentarily, which is why you’ll see “Open/Close” in one line.

Glass Break detectors have a few false alarm triggers which are more common than others. Dogs barking and jumping can cause false triggers, often jumping against a window and barking at passersby (or leaves/plastic bag like my dog).

Another issue is if the glass break detector is placed nearby speakers. A living room sound system can possibly set it off depending on what is playing.

The GB1-345 is a bit more prone to false triggers and more sensitive than, for example, a Honeywell 5853. The GB1 does not have the same level of false alarm reduction built in. It also does not have adjustable sensitivity.

Wow - this was fast response Jason - Thanks so much for validating my suspicions. I will dig deeper.