Glass Break falsing

Our 2Gig system has worked very reliably for the past six months. A week ago, a glass break sensor began to alarm sporadically. It went off several times in one day and we had to bypass it. This week, a second glass break sensor, in another room, began to alarm as well. At one point, it stayed open for 5 minutes and had to be bypassed too. We have lots of sensors but only a few glass breaks which makes me suspicious of the multiple failures around the same time with these.

Is there a chance that interference or hacking can cause the problem? We have a technologically brilliant neighbor who is also notoriously mischievous. What can I do to fix this?

Judging by the account it appears the glass break sensors you are referring to are combined window shock sensors, is that correct? If they are these, you will want to verify that no damage has occurred to the wires or that they have not been snagged and pulled out of place. They are connected inside the wireless transmitter via a small plug.

Intentional interference would almost certainly be the least likely circumstance. Have you noticed issues with the window open/close loops corresponding with those two shock sensors? They would transmit using the same serial.


Hi. Yes they are the combo sensors.

Thank you for the suggestion. There were two periods of about five minutes when the sensors reported “left open”.

No visible damage to the sensors themselves and all wires appear to be connected. They don’t activate when you jiggle the wires either. When you test them, they work perfectly and the errors appear to be days apart from one another. The activations happen when there is no activity around them.

Is it worth changing the batteries or would I be getting a low battery fault at the panel?

You should receive low battery notifications before than would become an issue, and both loops would report the same (the open/close and the shock)

Do you have the shock sensor attached on the glass roughly one inch in from the corner of the glass?

Are there any tree limbs or other objects near those panes which might tap the window in a wind gust?

In looking deeper into the history, only one sensor (sensor 36) reported “left open” (a few times) and generated any alarms. The other shock sensor showing activity in the history only shows being bypassed, not opened or left open. They are named similarly. Might you have bypassed a different one by mistake?