Getting Started

I looking into your service. However, I have a ton of questions.

  1. I’m looking at the monthly fee. Can you explain the difference between the DYI versus SuretyCam pricing? The DIY Gold Interactive is $19.95 and SuretyCam CSM is 27.95 month. Does this mean that you don’t get CSM with Who exactly does SuretyCAM use for CMS? I live in NY and I just need to know who this works.

  2. I’m want to use my cell phone to control my home security and home automation. Does allow me to control thermostats, outdoor lighting, etc.?

  3. I need 19 entry contacts for my home.

  4. I need an extra siren.

  5. Two key fobs

  6. Is 2Gig Z Wave Compatible? I want to do a lot of home automation in the future and I want a control panel that has capability.

  1. Our surtyDIY prices work like this. You can get Gold Interactive service for $19.95/mo without central station monitoring. With that, you will be able to self monitor your sensors using notifications and will be able to use home automation but it will not have our 24/7 central station monitoring. The Central Station monitoring can be added for an additional $8/mo bringing the total to $27.95/mo. suretyCAM is a member/owner of Monitoring America. We’re a CSAA 5 Diamond rated, IQ Certified, UL Listed, and blazing fast central station. Read here for more information.

All of our most up to date monitoring prices are shown here

  1. You can absolutely use your cell phone to control your home automation as well as your security services.

  2. The 2GIG Go!Control panel has a maximum number of 48 wireless sensors that can be programmed into the system. We offer a wide variety of wireless contacts to choose from when ordering your system.

  1. We offer a wireless siren for the 2GIG panel.
  1. We also offer keyfobs.
  1. The 2GIG panel is Zwave compatible. We offer a number of different Zwave devices in our store that can be used for home automation.