Getting started with 2GIG panel

When i plugged in the battery no screen showed up. I then unplugged the battery.

The control panel only flashes the screen twice, then nothing happens. Is there something I should do?

As shown in this video, linked to in your welcome email, you need to plug in the battery and then plug in the power for the panel. It may take up to 15 or 20 seconds to power on. Your panel will power cycle after you have run your initial cell phone test. Do not unplug the panel while this occurs. Again, as noted in your welcome email, remember that when your panel’s buttons are flashing intermittently, a data update is coming through to your panel and you should not unplug it.

Please be sure to follow the instructions in your welcome email to complete the set up of your account.

I have done the following to troubleshoot…I’m hoping it was not unplugged during an update.

  1. Had panel controlled into wall. Panel was running with battery alert.
  2. Did cell test and connected device to
  3. unplugged panel from wall, then connected battery - screen was black
  4. disconnected battery then plugged control panel to outlet - flashed twice then was black
  5. left contol panel plugged in with battery connected for 3 hours screen remained black
  6. disconnected battery and plugged in panel to outlet - screen flashed twice then went black
  7. disconnected battery and disconnected to power for 5 minutes, then connected battery and plugged in - screen flashed once then went black
  8. left device pluggen in for 20 minutes, screen remained black
  9. unplugged batter, screen flashed twice then remained black.

Plugging the battery in will not turn the panel on, even if the battery is charged. Only plugging in wall power turns the panel on. The correct order is to start with both the battery and wall power unplugged, then plug in the battery, then plug in wall power.

If connecting wall power does not turn your panel on then something is wrong. You may have inadvertently damaged the panel.

If the panel won’t power on at all, please verify that you have power wired up correctly, with the correct wires in the + (red) and - (black) power input terminals.

If you are sure you have power connected correctly then try factory resetting the control panel. This will delete the sensor programming and require your equipment to be readded. Hold down the home and panic buttons at the same time and connect wall power to the panel while keeping those buttons held down. Let it do it’s thing for 15 seconds or so and then power down again.

If it still won’t power up then the panel probably needs replaced.

Ok thanks all.

I checked the wiring and it all seemed correct. I then did a factory reset as specified. After holding the panic button and home button for 15 seconds both buttons lit up. Panic button red and home button white.

I then powered down the machine. When i plugged it back in I achieved the same result. I’m guessing this guy is toast or is there any last ideas?

Thanks much.

unplugged panel from wall, then connected battery – screen was black

Does this mean the screen was black when you unplugged the power completely? There is a backlight timeout feature which will naturally turn off the screen, but if you were accessing the panel and pressing buttons and it suddenly turned off that indicates it was the update. Were the home and emergency buttons flashing intermittently?

I unplugged the panel from the wall, then plugged in the battery. I then plugged the system back into the wall. At this point the panel was no longer responsive. I do not remember the lights flashing. I may of unplugged it during a system update. If I did unplug the panel during an update, would it have this affect? I have also tried the reset to default settings, the panel had the same behavior with the reset.

System update?

There is one update indicated in the Welcome Email which starts shortly following connecting the panel to During this update, the panel will shut down and receive an OTA update. The panel buttons will flash intermittently during this time.

If you unplugged all power (or did not plug in battery and unplugged AC) during this time, it can damage the panel, yes.

If you plug the panel in with the polarity of the power wires reversed, you may also see this kind of issue.

I have flipped the plugin and I have the same result.

When I received the panel it was working. When I plugged the battery in it quit working.

At this point i think I plan on replacing the panel.

I will work with support chat tomorrow on the who to send the panel with the following form.

The proper address to which to send the form, along with the damaged panel, is listed on the form itself. All directions needed to return the panel are shown here.

Alright. yup got the RMA form.

I have ordered a replacement panel. I will send this one your way with the RMA to provide to the manufacturer.

I will email the list of sensors. thx.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to program your replacement panel, so no need to send a sensor list. The good news is we have lots of resources for programming sensors. We have videos on the product pages showing how to program some of the sensors, the directions with the sensors have fairly straight forward directions, and if you have questions our techs are available to answer questions on the forum.

Be sure to remove your cell module from the panel before you send it in, as there should be nothing wrong with it.