Getting Started with 2Gig/

I just purchased a home with a 2gig panel and a motion detector already mounted. I am interested in setting it up with surety DIY. The previous owner used this system with monitronics.

  1. How do I power on the 2gig panel? it is mounted on the wall without any display.I do not see a power button on the panel.

  2. how do I tell what firmware I have?

  3. If I understand correctly, my course of action is to tell if my system is locked or not by my serial number, find out firmware version, buy 3g card from you that is compatible with my firmware and order service?

  4. the signs you give do they say

Thanks… looking to get started ASAP

Congratulations on your new home! Let’s see if we can’t get you some answers regarding your existing security system to help get you up and running.

1.) The panel is DC powered. It should have two leads attached to the back of the panel. Typically the plug for the panel is run to the basement but thats not always the case. You may have to follow the wire back to its source. The panel itself will turn on once its plugged in, there is no power button.

2.) Once it is powered on (assuming this is a 2GIG GC2) the following video will guide you from the home screen to the firmware information you are looking for. Watch this video here!

3.) Here is a How To that will help you find the Cellular Communications Module. Take that number and plug it in here to find out if its unlocked. If not you will need to purchase a new one.

4.) Yes we have signs AND stickers!

Lastly, While I have pointed out some specifics, This page should give you all the information and more to get your started.