Getting started, brief test?

First off kudos to the team, already impressed. Ordered on Monday and unit arrived today. Definitely didn’t expect it this fast. In any case, still waiting for some other components to arrive (ordered elsewhere) but have a quick question on how wireless sensors work. I have not cancelled my service yet with my other provider. I currently have a few wireless sensors and was wondering if I could test the panel without impacting my existing service. Are the sensors simply a transmitter, broadcasting it’s state? If so, could not both panels work, old Honeywell keypad and new IQ 2+ just receive and report on the current state of the sensor? Will definitely be eliminating the old Vista system soon, however, just like a kid with a new toy, was wondering if I could power up the IQ 2+ and just confirm operations with existing wireless sensors. The existing sensors are Honeywell 5816 sensors. If not I’ll wait till I can fully install everything.


Yes, you can add the sensors to both systems at the same time. Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors are just transmitters so they won’t know the difference.

In fact, that’s how I recommend doing the panel replacement. You might as well keep your old system monitored until you have the new one all up and running. Make sure to put the monitoring account in test mode if you’re going to be tampering sensors such as motion detectors to add them to the new system.