Getting hard time to learn Image Sensor


I have an Image sensor the older model and was working fine until the battery died so I deleted the sensor from the panel.
Now i want to add it back but I cannot learn it back.
I tried to trip the sensor than I tried to hold the reset button for 2 minutes and nothing working, the motion working and the light is blink when it sense motion.

I notice on the panel under ‘Installer setting’ there is IMAGE SENSOR tab and I request authorization code (pic attached), anyone know what is that?

Thank you guys

Request Authorization Code is related to dealer installation and unnecessary for the learning process.

You mention the batteries died, prompting replacement. What type of batteries did you use?

It is recommended to always use Energizer ultimate lithium. Always be sure to replace both batteries at the same time and always use new batteries.

If you hold the Image Sensor reset button down for 15-20 seconds, can you describe if the lights begin to rapidly flash before you let go?

Thanks Jason and sorry for the late reply .
Yes im using new Litium Energizer batteries
I made and uploaded a video clip so you can see the lights when im resetting:

In the video, when the Image Sensor begins to rapidly flash its light you should release the button. It doesn’t need to be held longer than that, not sure if that might be causing an issue.

Unlike other sensors it may also take a little time after triggering the reset to be discovered at the panel. It will usually not be quick. How long are you waiting after trying a reset?

You the man! Works! Finally after so many tries.
So, like you mansion I pressed the reset and when it starts flashing fast I let go and wait until I got the massage “Time Out Operation Fail” than I tried few more times and there you go it catches on my last try.

Thank you Jason, you the best !