Geo Services Guide

I’ve been poking around the innerwebz, but haven’t found anything yet. Is there a guide to the ADC Geo Services and what all could be triggered by them floating around somewhere? At this point, I’m not thinking about anything specific, just wanted to get a solid idea for what they can do so far.

I have not personally seen a document listing out the capabilities, but that is primarily, I would guess, due to the fact that is never truly done with equipment and service features and application capabilities. New ones are likely to be added rendering those types of documents out of date pretty quickly.

That said, each account will list the features on the Geo-Services page of your portal that you have access to given the equipment you have installed with your system. Navigate to the mobile tab and choose Geo-Services. In the bottom right-hand corner it will list current options. New ones will show up here when available.