Geo-Notification not working

my geo-alerts don’t seem to be working even though everything appears to be set up correctly. Maybe you can help.

2.5 mi radius. I’ve gone well outside this to test.

Every other notification works fine. And location services is def enabled for the ADC app

Have you deleted, re-added the notification?

If this is an arming reminder notification, has your system been disarmed at any point when you left the radius? If your system is armed you will not receive the reminder.

GPS is turned on, right? your phone/mobile device has the GPS actually enabled and turned on?

I have deleted & re-added the “arming reminder” notification a couple times but still no luck unfortunately. I’ve also toggled the Geo-Services enable button in the app itself, as well as, Location Services settings on the iPhone (set to Always), but no notifications. I can def verify that my phone (and it’s Location Service settings) are fine, 'cause I already receive geo-notifications from a separate app I use called geo-hopper. So not sure what’s preventing ADC alerts.

Also, I’m not disarming from outside the 2.5 mi radius. I simply leave with alarm off and hope for notification once I’ve gone outside the perimeter and so far nothing happens, so I set alarm to “Away” to enable.

Did you set a recipient for the geo-alert in ADC? If you have more than one device registered, did you set the alert to go to the right one?

Yep - see attached pix.