GE Z wave lights

Just looking to confirm. The GE Zwave light switches are compatible with the 2gig panel and ADC. I’d go with another brand that I know for sure is, but I have toggle switches in my house and I’m limited on actual Z-wave toggle switch. Most zwave switches are the wider flatter switches and I’m not looking to change everything to match a few new switches I want to put in.

The GE/Jasco zwave switches are compatible. Best place to get them is lowes in the iris aisle. They are not toggle.

Thanks! I’ll check Lowes. Last time I was there, they only had the flat style and not the slimmer toggle switches.

There are no zwave toggles. Try aeon.

Maybe I’m saying it wrong. I’m talking about this style switch:

My local lowes only carries this style:

I am not aware of any zwave toggles. All my switches are toggles too, except for my zwave which are as shown above ( a single, and a three way… three wall switchs). If you want to use your toggles with zwave, then you need the aeon aeotec as shown above.

I did find this on ebay, it should work as it is a GE/Jasco ZW3004 (the paddle style are ZW3005)

Interesting, I’ve not seen a toggle style Zwave Switch yet. But it may be good to give the ZW3004 a try.

Apparently there is also a companion auxiliary toggle switch available for 3-way applications.

That’s what I was reading about them too. Other than the front face (paddle vs toggle), they’re identical in specs and everything else.

I’ll give them a try and see if they work. If they do, fantastic. If they don’t, well I guess we’ll all know.

Thanks everyone!

Well, I got the GE ZW3004 (2 of them) and ZW3003 added in. They discovered through the panel with no issues and showed up on ADC.

The “add on” switch it interesting to put into a 3 way switch. It doesn’t act like a normal 3 way system. It basically just reports back to the main switch. After I figured the wiring and that situation out, everything else was easy. I’d say they match up pretty well to a standard toggle. They’re different, but it beats replacing everything to a paddle style.


Nice option for those that don’t have the newer Decora style switches.

Very nice. Thanks for updating us.