GE Smart Switch 14291

New to Surety, however had my ADC system for about 2 years. I have had most if not all of my GE Smart Switch 14291 switches “burn out” and go offline. Have replaced a few, however others have additionally since stopped working. Is there a better, more durable alternative that you can recommend? I don’t want to be replacing these things more frequently than the light bulbs…

I’ve never personally had issues with GE switches, but I have heard a few other reports that are similar, long term issues with that model. There appears to be a much higher than normal failure rate for them.

That link shows a list of confirmed compatible Z-wave devices, including a few other switch models.

Most Z-wave switches with a single on-off or dimmer function will work however due to their simplicity. Avoid Cooper Aspire RF.

I just ordered a 2nd generation version of this switch. I hope I have better luck.