GE Light Switch Malfunction

I added 4 GE 14292 Z-Wave Plus switches in my house a few weeks ago. Everything has been working flawlessly except I have one switch that goes in and out of malfunction mode. I’m assuming that it’s just a bad switch, but can you guys look on the back-end and see if there’s more information on what’s going on?

It’s the switch labeled “Breakfast Nook” and it’s currently in malfunction.

Thanks again.

The device you mention shows as having no neighbor nodes and would not be participating in the mesh network. It is always possible to find a defective device, but it is always more likely an issue during the learning process rather than a defective switch.

The best thing to try is to remove that switch (Services - Z-wave - Wrench - Remove Devices - Trip the switch or its learn button) and then re-add it to the Z-wave network. Then wait a few minutes and run a network rediscovery.

That did the trick, thanks Jason!