GDZ00-4 Question

I was able to pair the Linear GDZ00-4 to my GC2 Panel, but the status on the panel always stays “Unknown”. ADC shows an accurate value that the door is in fact closed, but I can’t seem to control the device from the panel or the ADC app.

I replaced the battery in the tilt sensor just to be sure, but I still can’t get anything to work. Should I reset the unit and pair again?

Also, I need to remove my old MyQ system since I’m going to go with the new Linear opener. How would I go about getting the old one removed?

I’ve had the Liftmaster hub removed for you.

Regarding the Linear opener, was this device paired to the panel when the two were in close proximity? It looks like the pairing process may not have been fully successful. We’ve sent a couple commands to try and sync up. Can you test and verify whether this is now resolved?

If not, try removing and re-pairing within about ten feet of the panel. The panel can be run on battery and brought closer to the opener.


I’ll test it out this afternoon. If nothing works, I’ll try to remove and re-pair the unit. I did the initial pairing with the module right by the panel.

Ok. I removed the device from my panel. Reset the GD00z-4 (5 button presses) then re-added to the panel. The panel still shows the device in an unknown status. When I log in to ADC now, I see it says Garage ID 15 malfunction. At least now the status of the panel shows the same status as ADC. Before ADC was somewhat accurate.

Are there any install questions I need to check on the panel?

What model of overhead controller are you attempting to connect this to?

It’s a Chamberlain (Liftmaster) Model 2280R

What color is the learn button on that overhead? It should be Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, or Green.


One last question quick, just to clarify, what model of Linear Z-wave garage opener? Is it definitely GD00Z-4? (there are older and newer versions)

If it is at least a GD00Z-4 then the issue appears to definitely be local secure enrollment. The device is simply not fully linking to the Go!Control Panel.

A couple things to make sure of: the panel and device should remain in close proximity for a few minutes after starting the pair process. Do not move the panel away until the device type is found. Also, do not back out of the add device screen when the device is initially found. Make sure to wait until it no longer shows “Querying Device Info”

Try one more time to remove and re-pair. Make sure the devices are about 5-10 feet apart, and let the add device menu go after pairing for at least 3 minutes without moving either device.

So, I unmounted the unit and checked the back for a version. It’s a GD00Z-5. Is that the issue?

I’ll double check with ADC to see if there are any known complications. If you get a chance, please try removing and re-pairing one more time, making sure to leave the devices close and the panel in Add mode for a few minutes. We would like to see the status and responses in the history and see if it is consistent since you had a slightly different result the first time around.

Jason - I just finished removing, resetting and adding the device back in.

Alright, after a whole lot of commands to try and sync this thing, there does not appear to be any progress made.

The hail mary, since this system looks to have a Go!Bridge installed, would be a firmware update to 1.17 to see if we get any difference out of learning in the GD00Z-5.

If you would like to go ahead with that and give it a try, please let us know.

If there is no improvement, it may in fact be an issue with the device itself if all the Z-wave troubleshooting has been followed exactly.

Jason - I’m up for trying. Just let me knew what you need me to do.

You’ll just need to stay out of panel programming and make sure the panel does not lose power, but with the Go!Bridge we can send the update a bit quicker than cell and you may be able to try re-learning tonight after verifying the new version.

If you would like me to have our team start that update please confirm.

Confirmed. Go ahead and update

Jason - I probably responded too late yesterday. I’ll be home during the day so if you want to do the update today, that’s fine. Just let me know.

Looks like the team had this queued up and started. Your panel should now be at 1.17. Go ahead and try removal/re-adding

Version confirmed. Removed, reset and re-added to the panel. Same status, unknown.