GD00-4 Controller and MyQ

According to the compatibility chart posted in this forum a while back, any LIFTMASTER that uses a yellow learn button is not compatible with the GD00Z-4.

Given the controller is two wires that goes into the opener, and the signal is no longer compatible, Has anyone figured a way to bridge the GD004 controller to a remote that will send the correct signal. Or can the GD00Z-4 firmware be updated? Obviously I am looking to rig this.

The problem with using the MyQ service, is that the serial number associated with my LIFTMASTER is tied to my MyQ account and I can’t register it with, as I get an error code that the serial is already associated. So it appears I cannot associate it to both MyQ and Alarm.Com. It is either or.

Traditional garage door buttons are just normally open momentary dry contacts that close when you press the button and open again when you let go. They’re wired to a pair of screws on the garage door opener. It’s not compatible because recent Liftmaster garage door control panels use a proprietary signal from the button to the garage door. It’s not just the traditional push button contact.

I have never opened one and looked but the physical button you press on the Liftmaster control panel is probably just a simple normally open momentary contact. The electronics inside the control panel would use that button as input and then send out the proprietary signal over the wire to the garage door opener.

I don’t recommend doing this because it may damage your control panel and would certainly void the warranty. But if you are dead set on making it work with the GD00Z-4 and you are willing to risk damaging your control panel… You may be able to open up the control panel and wire the GD00Z-4 output across the push button on the control panel. That would make it so the the GD00Z-4 can “push the button” just like you do with your hand.

I’ve never tried this so I can’t guarantee it would work. It would depend on the push button mechanism in the control panel. You could test whether it would work by holding a jumper wire across the push button contacts for a moment and then removing it to simulate a button press, to see if the door opens and closes for you.

I’ll say again that I can’t recommend doing this because it would void the warranty on your control panel you might accidentally damage it in the process. But I also understand really wanting to make something work and I’ve sacrificed plenty of my own stuff rigging like that. I’m only providing information on how it probably works. We would take no responsibility of what happens if you decide to try it.

You also may be able to get a Liftmaster wireless remote that you dedicate to the GD00Z-4 and use the same approach with the push button in it. That way if you damage it you won’t damage your control panel.

Thanks Ryan for your thoughts on this. I did see an article on a site that put an oscilloscope scope on the lift master to see the proprietary signal it sent. I wasn’t sure what the GD00Z-4 was sending.

I have a couple of liftmaster remotes not being used, or may even look for a used door controller for a permanent solution if this works. Just need to find the contact points on the remote/controller.

Being on holiday break, I just feel like starting a project to keep me busy. I’ll post my results once I made any head way.

  • Rolando