GC3 V3.1

I have installed V3.1 connected to wifi however, when I do a broadband test it fails?

Do you know if broadband connectivity is enabled on my account?

I only have 1/2 my sensors installed other half ill install tonight then you can do a full panel sync with the monitoring station

Keep in mind that 3.1 is a brand new release and official support for dual path is not yet certified through Alarm.com.

Dual path pings across broadband are currently working on your account, but we typically recommend waiting to apply firmware updates until they are fully supported by Alarm.com as there may be unknown issues.

The panel is communicating normally at this time, but the test may not yet be supported.

Will you be providing a link to 3.1 soon so that it can downloaded and installed?

We will not typically post a firmware download link or add it to the firmware thread until it is certified and supported officially by Alarm.com. I do not recommend downloading and installing until then typically.

In some cases firmware issues are quickly discovered and the firmware is updated before being re-released, which indeed happened with 3.1.

However, historically it has been a very short testing period before official support is stated, so likely very soon.