GC3 updates?

Its been a while since the GC3 panel has been updated with new firmware. Has this reached EOL?

So funny. I haven’t been on the forum in months but just checked in because I had the same question. I bought the GC3 when it first came out and was very optimistic about what was, at the time, an exciting new product. I have to say that my experience with 2GIG has not met my expectations. My primary concerns have to do with their lack of relevant firmware updates. It sure seems like I’ve been waiting on the ‘next’ firmware update to fix some type of issue the entire time I’ve had their panel. For example, I posted a concern last year regarding partitions and smoke detectors and a fix doesn’t even seem to be on their radar. I am also aware of a longtime issue dealing with the programming of motion sensors near entry doors. Again, no fix. This is not at all meant to be a slam against Suretyhome. They have actually been excellent and always willing to help via this forum. My complaint is about 2GIG. I am nearing a point when I need to make a decision about whether to keep my GC3 limping along or just cut my loses and look to another manufacturer. I have to admit I’m leaning toward the latter.

Didn’t mean to hijack your thread. I just thought it was interesting that your post was one of the first ones I saw after not being on the forum in months.

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I understand the concerns. I just checked this weekend curious about that same thing, the latest version is 3.2.5.

I was told quite a while ago that a version 3.2.6 would be released soon to resolve some issues, but I have heard nothing since, and it has been a very long time.

2GIG recently discontinued the SP1 secondary keypad without replacement.

They are releasing a new panel called the 2GIG Edge sometime in the near future.

I don’t believe the GC3 has been discontinued in any way officially, but I don’t have a lot of faith in new development.