GC3 update

Just checking in

Does the GC3 do everything the GC2 can do yet? All henzwave devices work, all the wifi capability, etc?

I hesitate to say everything, but for the most part yes the gap has been closed.

Dual path is available as of 3.1, and Z-wave is close to 1 for 1. There are fewer confirmed compatible thermostats with the GC3 I believe, but the common ones like CT100, ADC T2000, RCS TZ45 are fine.

Any ETA on Secondary Panels yet?

The SP2 has been available for a while and can be viewed as similar in nature to the PAD1, only with visual feedback and chimes.

The SP1 is rolling out currently. I cannot say when it will be available in the suretyDIY store, but it should be soon. We’ve heard units should be available in quantity in the coming few weeks.

The SP1 uses the same physical housing and build as the GC3, and identical software.