GC3 Unable to Update to 3.1? Error 16

Has anyone else seen this? I used the same flash drive as I had used with 3.0.1.

We’ve heard that 3.1 is not technically ready for production yet, so I wouldn’t advise loading it onto systems.

The current version may need to be 3.0.2 in order to update.

Interesting. I wonder why they sent it out and said it’s ready (as attached).


An issue was found with its readiness for production and it was pulled temporarily for a fix. Note that the 2GIG Dealer site does not offer a 3.1 download, as it has been reverted to 3.0.2.

Thanks! I wish they’d email all the dealers about issues like this.

I updated to 3.1 lastnight (i downloaded directly from the dealer site)

I havent had any issues!

Yes, the download has been re-enabled on the 2GIG dealer site, so it should now be a stable release. Update details will be upcoming in the firmware thread here.