gc3 set screw options for repair


what are my options if the set screw head in the GC3 panel becomes stripped?

can the screw be removed and replaced?

is there an option to order a new base plate that includes a new set screw?

thank you

Happy to help! Unfortunately the back plates are not sold separately, though if you have a damaged one, we may be able to assist as 2GIG may have extras due to damaged/inoperable panels etc., so if you are a Surety user please email customerservice@suretydiy.com for information if a back plate is needed.

In this case though with the GC3 the Screw does not come with the back plate. It is connected to the panel casing itself.

The screw has a stopper on it and is not intended to be removed, but if stripped you could unscrew it out with some effort and replace with a different screw. Should work with a #4 machine screw I believe.