GC3: Radio Modem Network Failure

I’ve been getting “Radio Modem Network Failure” alerts for past month or so on my GC3.

Sometimes if I dismiss the alert, it won’t come back for few days… and other times, it will come back within mins to hours.

I have tried power cycling GC3 and also unplugging the modem and plugging it back in.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I am showing high registration times with intermittent signaling on cellular. Has the panel been moved to a new location recently?

To begin troubleshooting:

  • Disarm the System
  • Unplug the Power Supply from the wall
  • Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery
  • Leave the panel completely off for 10 minutes
  • During this time, check the module:
    • Remove the module and check the connection to ensure it is clean, then reconnect.
    • Make sure it is connected properly push it all the way in until you feel a slight click.
  • After at least 10 minutes , plug in the battery and power supply

After boot up, wait 5 minutes and check signal strength

Panel hasn’t moved since Jan 2021. I followed the troubleshooting steps last night and it seems to be okay for now. I haven’t had any radio failure alerts. I ran the Radio test and it passed and signal strength is showing 2/6.

Do you still see high registration times on your end?

The panel should be mounted on an exterior wall, main floor or higher. Not in a basement or closet and not near any metal or large appliances.

Still showing 2/6 which is the bare minimum for successful communication but registration times are still high. History indicates intermittent poor signaling with high registration times for some time now.

Network coverage in your area suggests sufficient coverage for your carrier and the network map doesn’t suggest any network issues in the area.