GC3 - Location shows up as null

Is there any reason why my location on the home screen shows up as


Same here. Location info likely to be updated and enabled in firmware update. Forecast should still be accurate, which from that picture makes me sad :frowning:

Thanks for confirming, good to know I didn’t mess setting it up or anything. Also, yeah it’s gotten cold again, haha. :slight_smile:

Mine had null for the first day and after I changed something it shows my correct city. I believe it was my info on Alarm.com but can’t remember. All I was doing was following the instruction from the email from this site. I am monitored so maybe that’s the difference. At least its a start for those that know a lot about 2GIG.City

Mine had null for the first day and after I changed something it shows my correct city.

Interesting, I’ve changed just about everything I could, haven’t noticed it. I’ll see if I can pin it down.

I’m pretty sure it was something I did on my alarm.com account.

Mine initially showed null as well.

I went to alarm.com and did the following:

I updated my address under profile/ system info.

I also may have updated my address under profile/ account information.

After doing the above my city showed up on the panel under weather.

I have Gold Interactive with monitoring.

yep, panel location is sent similarly to weather info. Looks like updating address info may trigger it. the command can also be sent by your dealer.

Hi, I noticed when my GC3 arrived that the city name was spelled incorrectly. I logged into ADC for the first time and went through the setup wizard and the city name had the same mistake. I corrected the name and tried to do a cell test a few times to update it, but it won’t update.

Any idea of how long ADC info takes to propagate to the system or does it need a manual push?

I’ve pushed a command to resend the location info in your account, let us know if you do not see the updated name. Location info is not sent on a regular basis like weather info.

If you ever have a question about info in setup, you can check the originally submitted information by accessing the confirmation survey link in your order receipt.

Thanks for the response Jason, I’ll check it out when I have access to the panel again. I looked at the survey and it seems I put the ADC account address in with the spelling mistake.
As long as I updated it in ADC to the correct info it shouldn’t cause any problems with your system or ADC correct?

Nope, you should be good when the location command takes effect.

If you have 24/7 monitoring you can verify the current CS info with the CS operators, or with our customerservice@suretyDIY.com team.