GC3 - Keyfob Low Battery Fire Alarm

I had a weird event today. When I disarmed my GC3 system with my 2Gig keyfob the panel showed a low battery alarm. This apparently then triggered a “fire alarm pull station” alarm at the central station. There was no fire alarm visible on the GC3 panel. I checked all the settings for the keyfob and nothing on the keyfob is set up to trigger a fire alarm - only arm and disarm buttons are active.

GC3 screenshot is attached.

It looks like recent changes were made to programming. A Keyfob showing as an emergency sensor was deleted from keyfob slot 2. Is that the one that was used to disarm? We would want to take a look at the programming to help determine what happened and how to recreate.

In the ADC history there is a distinct “Keyfob Fire Panic” reported by the panel