GC3 Keeps beeping from alerts I have already acknowledged

My system keeps beeping every once in a while and showing there are 2 alerts. I have previously seen these alerts though, so they should not be causing any beeping and showing them as unread. But after viewing the alerts and some time goes by, the alerts seem to reset again and then cause the beeping again. Is there any way to resolve this, my wife is quickly loosing patience due to the beeping.

Oh, my panel is currently running firmware 3.2.6, and this was a recent upgrade in order to install my new cell module. This problem did not exist before I upgraded the firmware.

When the beeping starts:

When I view the alerts and they are “cleared”:

After some time, the panel starts beeping again and shown the alerts as new again:

If the cause of the trouble condition still exists and the sensor reports it to the panel again, you will see an alert return. To resolve this, replace the batteries in the sensors which are reporting low.