Gc3 is stuck in a booting loop

I woke up this morning to find my Gc3 panel stuck in a booting loop. It goes through the initialization up to Result 0, screen goes dark and then starts the initialization over again. I haven’t touched the panel or firmware in a long time so not sure why this would randomly be happening. I have tried pulling the panel power and unplugged the battery, gave a few minutes and powered it back up but it goes right back into the booting loop.

Now it’s frozen on the boot page.

Is your panel still in that frozen state? Have you done any further troubleshooting?

I would advise powering down completely, AC then battery.

Remove the Cell sled, then power the panel back up. Any change? Does the panel boot up?

Try then powering down completely, then reinserting the sled and powering up, any luck?

Yes, it is still in the frozen state. I have tried unhooking my SP2 panel in case that was conflicting but it didnt make any change after cold booting my GC3. I will try your suggestions tonight and let you know what happens. Thank you.

Ok, I removed the sled, plugged the battery back in and powered up but it’s still getting stuck at result 0, then reboot, result 0, reboot, etc.

Unfortunately if this panel is failing to boot repeatedly and power cycling does not fix it, I do not believe a fix is possible locally.

Just to be sure, do you have any other wiring or devices connected to your panel terminal block? Can you confirm you only have transformer power connected?

I do have my two take345’s attached to the panel. I will try disconnecting those when I get home and power cycling.

Ah, we cannot say that is a definitive cause for such an issue, but in general you should not be powering TAKE-345s off of the GC3 panel.

TAKE-345s should be powered off of a separate power supply. Commonly this is the old alarm panel 12VDC aux output. It could also be a dedicated 12VDC power supply with battery backup and charging circuit, like the Honeywell HPL624, or the AL100UL. See the setup instructions for the TAKE-345 on page two here.

Do you have any powered detectors also running off the panel? Motion Detectors, Glass Break Sensors, etc.? Those should be on the alternate source with the TAKEs.

No, sorry I said that completely wrong. I dont have the take345’s connected to the panel. They are connected to the old Vista panel. The only thing I have connected to the GC3 is a relay board which signals the siren and strobe.

Ah, alright. Looks like this thread is related?

Were you able to resolve the issue or replace the relay in order to make it work as suggested?

It is unlikely, but yes, it would be good to power down and remove those wires, then power back up and test. Any luck?

Yes, I had everything working for months with no issues. This problem just randomly started.

I just took off the bell connections so now the panel has the sled out and no connections at all in any way except for the transformer. The problem is still happening.

Alright, unfortunately that sounds like an internal hardware or software fault. I would recommend seeking warranty replacement if possible. If you purchased the unit from suretyDIY, our warranty policy can be found here.

If the device was purchased through an alternate vendor, please contact that vendor for details regarding warranty.

We will follow up with 2GIG to determine if there are any hail mary troubleshooting suggestions and will follow up here, but it may be best to get started with replacement steps.

Ok thank you. I was afraid of that.

You dont happen to have a copy of my configuration on file do you? Is that something that transmits to you? It would certainly make setting up a replacement much easier.

Yes, we do have access to a backup of sensors and config.

Note that if you would like to try to apply the backup OTA, please let us know when you receive your new panel and are ready to power it up. You can request via a secure message that we send a settings restoral command to your system.

Do not power up the new panel prior to our follow up instruction to do so. Powering up the new panel with your existing Cell Sled would immediately cause a new backup (with no zones) to be run automatically by Alarm.com and overwrite the existing one.

Note that requests are processed by our team during business hours Monday - Friday.

Once the commands have been initiated we will email follow up instructions with the last couple steps to complete the backup and restore.

Well alright. That just made this a hell of a lot better!! Awesome!