GC3 - frequent dual path failure

I have a 2gig GC3, activated with Surety three years ago in March 2019. Recently, the panel alerts a few times a week. “Dual Path Communication Failure - Cellular”. When this happens I often do a radio test, and when I run the radio test I get “Cell Radio Module Status Not Detected”.

I tried removing battery and removing power to fully power cycle the panel. How do I figure out whats wrong - if Verizon’s LTE service has been reduced in my area, or does the “Not Detected” message mean my three year old cellular module is bad? Thanks!

That indicates the panel is having trouble recognizing the module is installed.

I would first try powering down the panel fully, remove the cell sled, wipe its connections with a dry cloth to get any dust off, then firmly reinsert the sled into the panel. Make sure its connection is solid.

Then power up the panel, wait a few minutes, and try another cell test.

I removed the cellular module, cleaned the contacts and put it back in. But still seeing “Cell Radio Module Status Not Detected” every other day or so.

Would a very weak signal cause this? My cell phone (also Verizon) doesn’t work well inside the house, Wi-Fi Calling is required. Just debating if I should buy attic antenna cable or a new cellular module. Thanks!

No, if the cell radio module status not detected shows up, that means the panel is having trouble seeing that a module is installed at all. The signal strength is not relevant to that.