GC3 Firmware update from Nortek

Me: Any news on firmware updates on the new 2gig GC3 panel ?

Nortek: Hey Zach, thanks for reaching out. No additional information available at this point in time but stay tuned. We’ll be sure to announce any news via our social profiles.

Me: no timeline? there are lots of issues that need to be resolved!

Nortek: Hi Zach, our teams are currently working on these issues and we hope to have an update for you soon. There’s a possibility of the update coming in the fall but we will be sure to post the announcement here and on Twitter. Thanks!

Chat Transcript

Mmm, I was hoping for summer.

2GIG does like to release one big update very once in a while vs lots of small fixes it seems.

I saw a mention of firmware 3.1 for the GC3 (I believe the release version was 3.0) on one of their new product pages, so here’s hoping it is sometime this summer also. http://2gig.com/products/sensors/flood-and-temperature-sensor/ “Requires Firmware Version 1.14 or later for GC2 panel and 3.1 or later for GC3”

Interesting. Yes, we are looking forward to it. 2GIG is tight lipped about what it will include, but hoping that wifi is enabled of course.

any updates from nortek?! its now the fall! :slight_smile:

Nothing yet, it will probably be available shortly after announcement. Based on what we know it should be measured in weeks now, not months.

is the announcement scheduled? :wink:

No. They would likely not mention it until available.