GC3 CDMA Cell Connection

My system will not connect to radio. I have tried all the things the forum said like power down and reset. Nothing works.

Looking at the related account, it looks like this panel is still on launch firmware.

If you go to System Settings > Installer Toolbox > Radio Status what do you see? Does the module report a signal strength? Or do you see an error?

I would recommend trying to update the firmware first before further troubleshooting. This thread goes over firmware versions for the GC3. Firmware is updated by USB drive and the USB port on top of the panel.

Be sure to update to version 3.02 first. You can then update to a later version.

I have updated the firmware. I ran the cell test. It fails and says I have 1/6.

I actually see a successful test and signaling now after the update. The panel is responding quickly to all remote commands.

Wait a couple minutes, then recheck the signal strength, however it looks like the update and reboot had a beneficial effect.

I now have it connected to wifi. But the cell is still not working. Question. IF I purchase a new cell adapter can i pick whatever one works with my system or do I need to stay with the same carrier ie att or verizon?

Note that we are pinging the system only over cell, and checking signal strength of the cellular connection specifically. It looks like there was a span of time where your module reported extremely high registration times, which would likely indicate a temporary issue with the carrier signal and would definitely cause trouble, but currently the signal looks normal.

Now that said, CDMA will see service sunset first, in a few years, so upgrading the module is always fine.

You cannot swap carriers on a single module, (for example if you get a Verizon LTE module it can only be used with Verizon), but you can choose the carrier module that works best at your location. Verizon LTE and AT&T HSPA are available.

You can use this coverage check tool to help determine the best option.

It looks like there may be a related order for an LTE module which is in processing. If you would like to adjust that order be sure to contact customerservice@suretyDIY.com