GC3 Access Point

How do I enable the Access Point on my GC3, on the access point screen I does not allow me to use “setup”

You would need to go the Settings - Network Settings - Access Point, then toggle the Disabled/Enabled switch to Enabled.

The settings to use for the SP1(s) will auto-populate.

I tried that and got and error message “Failed to Start Wireless Access Point”

Try a power cycle of the panel and then try toggling again.

After power cycle on GC3 I still get the Failed to Start Wireless Access Point message

That means you are likely still connected to a saved wireless network then. This must be disconnected before turning on Access Point mode. Under Network Settings select Wireless, then tap on your wifi network and select Forget Network.

You should then be able to toggle Access Point

Thanks Jason

I went to network setting/wireless/Wi-Fi/forget network, then went back to Access Point and toggled enabled. Access point automatically populated the IP address and password and successfully connected to Wi-Fi network.

I then went back to Wi-Fi and connected to network. Now both systems are active.

I did notice if you then go back to the Access Point and hit the “Save Access Point Setting” it will again give you the “Failed to Start Wireless Access Point” message. Then you have to go back and start the process all over again. So do NOT hit the save toggle…FYI