GC3 2-Way

Seems that 2-Way communication is not working after I replaced the panel. The Alarm Monitoring Service says that the panel shows as 2-way capable, but they are not able to communicate. Is there a way of testing it?

You can request the central station operators place your account on Two-Way Security Test mode in order to test the two-way voice connection. In this mode two-way calls will be connected, but no further action will be performed on alarm signals.

Then you can set off an alarm to try the connection. Note that if you have dialer delay enabled on that zone you will need to wait the length of the dialer delay before disarming.

Let us know the result and I will send a few commands to sync the panel and module to test again.

Called, asked them to put it on a two way test.

The first time I trigger the alarm, they did not attempt a two way communication they said that because it was a test, they just cleared the alarm.

The second time they said that they couldn’t hear anything.

Well according to history there are inconsistencies in the data the calls contained when they were received by the CS, which leads me to think there is in fact a technical issue going on here.

Alright, I have re-enabled 2-way on the account as a test. Another new option is available as a test in this circumstance:

If you would like to test a call directly with the panel, please submit a secure message with the phone number you would like it to dial (your contact cell phone is fine). The test period would last 10 minutes upon email response from our team and would just require a cell phone test at the panel to initiate a 2-way call. Our team will include instructions to connect and test during the call.