GC2 & Smart Things - Thermostats

I am using smart things and have my gc2 setup as a secondary controller. However one annoying thing that i need some help on: ON my smart things all 3 of my thermostats show - however on GC2 only 2 of them show and i cant get the other one to show up on the gc2 no matter what i do - it’s relatively annoying!!! Any solutions? all three thermostats are the same Go Control GC-TBZ48

Was the 3rd thermostat added after the GC2 was connected to the Smart Things? Have you tried deleting the panel from the controller and re-pairing the two?

Jason- I just deleted it and am re-pairing the two - will update you after i find out in a day or so.

My subscription with protection 1 is up at the end of this month (long 3 years) if you were me with a GC2 - and 3 image sensors - would you switch to the GC3 or just stay with GC2? I have about 50 zwave switches, locks, thermostats, fans, etc…

The GC3 is nicer to use locally, with a better screen and UI. It doesn’t offer any additional features through ADC though, and if you use 2-way voice we recommend the GC2 generally.