GC2 panel display appears washed out

Starting yesterday, my GC2 display appears washed out (the colors are all faded). It’s not the brightness setting. Anyone know what might be wrong? Is the LED display failing?

Any other effects other than discoloration?

Have you tried powering down the panel for a minute, then power back up? Unplug the transformer, then unplug the battery. Wait a minute, then plug in the battery, then the transformer.

The panel appears to be functioning correctly. It appears to be only affecting the colors on the LED display.

I have not tried a hard reset yet - so will try that. Apparently there is no way to reboot from the panel’s menu.

The panel will reboot whenever you enter and exit programming as long as you save changes (even if there aren’t any changes), but in this case we want to leave the panel powered down for a short bit before booting back up.

That didn’t do anything. If anything, it appeared more washed out. My conclusion was that the LED was failing, so I went ahead and replaced the entire panel.


Yes, a hardware fault is likely all it could be if the power removal did not assist.