GC2 low battery alert with takeover module

I have a 2GIG GC2 and a takeover module–with a low backup battery. And it won’t shut up. The takeover module has wall power and I will address the backup battery issue. I just cannot do it right now. The house is empty but we are cleaning and painting so it would be nice to just bypass the low battery alert for a day or so. Is there any way to do this?


You can turn off system trouble beeps using the Alarm.com app by using one of the following methods:

  • By accessing current troubles in the Issues card on the Home screen.
  • By accessing the Security System settings page.

Turning off trouble beeps using the app disables beeps at the panel, but the trouble condition remains on the customer’s account until it is resolved.

If the system trouble beeps continue at the security panel after performing the following steps, verify the panel and module are communicating properly by running a cell communication test from the panel. If the panel and module are not communicating, trouble beeps cannot be turned off using remote commands.

For the GC2 specifically, the trouble beeps are turned off only for the current trouble condition.

It actually looks like that low battery has resolved. I am not seeing any current low battery reports.