Gate Automation With Liftmaster

This is related but sort of off topic, let me know if I should have this somewhere else.

I would like to incorporate a 821lm to a Liftmaster 595 sliding gate operator. My plan is to use 828ML gateway, 821lm and a 312HM receiver. I have a wifi connection and a plug outlet at the gate. My question is regarding the door sensor, is there something I can use to replace (or add to) the tilt sensor in order for this to work with a slide gate. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Another thread goes over a similar situation here.

In this case, the 821LM and 828LM are redundant, (both are Gateways) and the 821LM door sensor is not made to detect linear motion, so this would not work as described.

MyQ requires an audible/visual alert mechanism when a remote command is sent. The SL595 will not work with any MyQ system.

Liftmaster is releasing a line of Gate Operators which will be compatible, (The comparable option for this would be the SL595U) but it would require replacement of the operator. We are told there are no current plans for retrofit options.


Would you have any other ideas on how to enable remote access on a 595 gate operator.

Without the safety features I can’t recommend it. The link above is to a thread discussing the possibility of using a Mimolite (a Zwave switch) which can be set to mimic a momentary push button, should there be input terminals for a push-button release on the operator.

Hi Jason

I have many safety features on this gates operator. There are photo eyes, safety edges ( one on each end of the gate, and safety loops which are saw cut into the asphalt.

I will look into a Zwave switch. I believe the 595 has the correct input terminals

The Mimolite is the best option if you can run a wire out to the gate operator, though it is not compatible with all panels.

What alarm panel are you using?


Currently there is no alarm panel, new property. Would you recommend a 2GIG panel?

Would there be any wireless options. I could run conduit out to the operator if I had to.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

The Mimolite is wireless as far as communication to the panel goes, it is Z-wave, but you will want it indoors.

Ideally for this: 2GIG panel (compatible with Mimolite), run wiring to button input from inside, and the Mimolite gets connected, learned into your Z-wave network.

Thanks a lot. I will let you know how I make out