Garage Tilt Sensor Programming

The alarms the past 2 days have been from our front entry motion detector. We also have a door sensor on our front door, and all other exterior entry doors. So perimeter sensors did not activate, the system was armed AWAY, and the interior follower for the motion sensor did activate. We have an image sensor close by, and nothing noticeable was found. I had the CSM ignore the alerts, but it’s happened 2 days in a row which has me concerned. We do have a 25lb dog that likes to go up and down the stairs, but it’s never been a problem setting the sensor off in the past.

We have 2 tilt sensors, one on each garage door, but they aren’t showing history for whatever reason. I may have them programmed into the panel incorrectly, as they are showing door chimes. Ideally, I would like them to alert if the open while the system is armed stay or away.

However, how do you keep the tilt sensors from going off when I arrive home, but haven’t yet disarmed the system at the panel? Do you have clients that configure garage door tilt sensors a certain way?

It looks like this account also has MyQ Garage Devices, so if they were fully opened you should see that in the history.

However, it looks like the actual tilt sensors are programmed as loop 1. If they are mounted upright, tilt sensors should be loop 2.

Sometimes individuals will program overhead sensors as entry exit 2, the entry delay for which can be up to 4 minutes. Exit delay is global however, (same time limit regardless of sensor) so it may change how you arm/leave if you program tilt sensors that way.

So, I can change the garage door tilt sensor to loop 2, with a delay of up to 4 minutes. As long as I disarm the system in that 4 minute span from opening the garage door, the system will not arm, but will beep until it is disarmed? I suppose most of the time the system is armed stay/away, there wouldn’t be many people coming/going, and if so, would want notification if the garage door opened unexpectedly. I have a 2Gig keyfob I keep in my truck for arming when I leave. Can you use the same keyfob to disarm when you arrive, possibly before opening the garage door?

The problem with relying on the myQ for open/close events, is that if somehow a breakin could happen without using the garage door opener or garage door keypad. Similar to this: Also wouldn’t be helpful in times of power outages (though very unlikely scenario). I also have my panel on battery backup.

Your overheads would perform as any other entry exit sensor (delay period as programmed into the panel, during which you can disarm) but if the system is not disarmed within the time period you set for Entry Exit 2 (Q7 in system config) an alarm will be generated.

Regarding the keyfob, as long as the keyfob is programmed to be able to disarm, yes. You can enable/disable that ability in the keyfob section of system config. Typically you should get plenty of range to disarm from the driveway, but that would depend on the layout of home and placement of the main control panel.

Regarding the motion detectors, it looks like the image sensor did upload images during the first alarm event you mentioned. Did you notice the pet in any of the shots?