Garage solution to replace RE Tilt Sensors

Up until now I could not understand the numerous complaints about the garage door tilt sensors. They worked flawlessly for 5 months. Then inexplicably they both have started to fail more often than not. They are mounted correctly (vertically). Aside from the nights dipping into the upper 40s, it hasn’t even really begun to get cold yet. Since you guys no longer offer these, I’m assuming this is a familiar complaint. So my plan is obviously to return them. But here’s my question:

What are my options for an alternative? I have the Qolsys panel, and I have two 11 year old Craftsman garage door openers manufactured in 2004. I am confused by the My Q setup as to what I would need exactly.

Would I need a My Q gateway, control panel and universal controller? All 3 of these things? The gateway would plug into my router, but then how does the control panel and universal controller work?

Does the My Q system have notifications to show open/close status in real time?

Thank you for any help.

RE101 (DW10 for 2GIG panels) door/window sensor and an overhead garage door reed switch.



$118 MyQ 821LM

Instructions PDF:

As long as your Craftsman has a learn button on it, it is compatible with the MyQ Wifi Hub. The 821LM Wifi hub acts as a keyfob/visor garage opener, only it mounts to the garage ceiling, connects to your wifi, and is remotely controllable on your ADC account.

You do not need the Gateway in this circumstance. You either use an 828LM (for MyQ overhead units) or the 821LM.

The hub comes with one door sensor, but a second can be added for the other door and the hub can control two independently.

You can set up notifications for MyQ, yes.

Our return policy for items under warranty is shown here, along with the current needed form to include with any RMAed items.

Thanks for the info and quick response time! Good stuff.

You can’t use the My Q solution as a security sensor, right? I am wondering as I’m looking to secure a garage door and was going to go with the reed switch.

Correct. MyQ equipment is used for automation.

I installed the My Q 821 and one extra sensor. I know there is no way for these sensors to report through the Qolsys alarm panel. But is there a way for ADC to send me notifications when the door is open or closed?

Never mind I found it. For anyone else out there, it’s under the Notifications tab and then you must create a “New Notification”.

I just bought the RE tilt sensors from another company…getting ready to install. Is there a known issue with these sensors? Where can I find more info?

The RE206 are prone to false activation due to vibration/wind given the way they detect a change in orientation. They are not recommended for use as security sensors, but using them as a “No Response” notification only sensor is fine.

The likelihood of false activation heavily relies on the sturdiness of the overhead door.

Another reason they are not recommended as security sensors is the distance they need to tilt in order to report open can require the overhead door to be open a couple feet.

Information on garage monitoring options can be found here.

I purchased the RE101 and the 4532L, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to wire the 4532L into the RE101 so as to make the 4532L trigger the RE101 as open/closed on a Qolsys IQ Panel.

The RE101 sensor is functional, as it works showing open/closed with the included magnet.

There are two wires coming out of the 4532L. They both appear the same to me, as in they are both white/gray wires with no obvious indications of a difference, i.e., coloration or stripes.

On the inside of the RE101 are three screw terminals. The middle is marked ground (GND) and is shown on the diagram accompanying the unit as being the Center Common Terminal. The inner screw terminal (closest to center of unit) is marked as Inner Terminal Zone, and the outer screw terminal (closest to wall of unit) is marked as Outer Terminal Zone.

Some assistance here would be appreciated. Thanks!

Happy to help. You’ll need to connect the two wires coming from the 4532 to A and GND on the RE101. As they are a detection circuit, the wires are interchangeable.

Then, you can simply learn into the Qolsys panel, tripping the 4532 with its magnet.

See the video below.

Ah, great. Those are the details I needed. I’ll try this out this evening.

Worked great once I took the wire out of B and put it in A and relearned the sensor to the panel. Thanks for your help!