Garage Sensors

I would like to have a solution to the following senarios:

  1. Sometimes in the summer I leave my garage door open while I’m home. I would like to detect if someone walks is in the garage. A motion detect would not work because it would start the count down as soon as the door goes up or car pulls in the garage.
  2. Would like to detect if for some reason the door was left open while I’m away and a way to close it remotely.

Do you want the motion detector to just notify you or to actually trigger an alarm if someone walks in the garage? If you just want it to notify you then you can use a motion detector but program it as a “no response” type of sensor with activity monitoring enabled on that sensor, and then set up a notification when the sensor is activated.

If you want to detect when the garage was left open and be able to close it remotely then the only solution is the Liftmaster MyQ garage door control. What model is your garage door opener?

If you are willing to give up the remote control than you can get away with just a garage tilt sensor. You would need to enable activity monitoring on it and then you can set up a “sensor left open” notification to alert you if you left the garage door open.

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I have a Sears Craftsman garage door opener.

If you have to Sears Craftmans doors, do you need two Internet gateways and control panels?

Sears Craftsman uses Liftmaster parts internally so as long as it was manufactured after 1998 is compatible with Liftmaster MyQ. You would need to install the 828LM Internet gateway on your network and then replace your garage door button with the 888LM control panel.

You only need 1 gateway, but you’ll need an 888LM control panel for each garage door opener.