Garage Gateway Malfunction

Garage doors have quit responding to commands.

Have 3 Doors all Chamberlan MyQ’s were working fine then they just quit the will work with the controls but the gateway is not working.

how do I reset?

It appears this is regarding a wifi gateway, is that correct? Have you made any changes to your router, wifi credentials, or ISP? If so the wireless network information will need to be updated in the MyQ gateway.

To reset the Wifi:

"Erase Wi-Fi settings

Erasing the Wi-Fi settings allows you to reset the Wi-Fi settings on the hub.

The Green LED MUST be on or blinking to erase Wi-Fi settings.
Press and hold the Settings button (gear) on the hub until the blue LED blinks. The Wi-Fi is ready to be setup."

To set up your wifi network, this page goes over the steps depending on the type of mobile device you have.