Garage Doors Don't close in Scenes

Because of the summer heat, We have been leaving our Garage doors open 6 inches during the day to allow airflow. We have the Linear Z-Wave Garage door modules. There is a tilt senor mounted about 3 inches down from the top of the door. It tilts slightly. We don’t want to open the garage doors more as we don’t want people able to get in the garage

At night, I have closing the garage doors part of the “sleep” scene along with turning off lights, locking doors.

The issue is, the garage doors stay open all the time after hitting the sleep mode. Checked this morning and on the app, the garage doors show already closed. My guess its because the tilt sensor is not tilted enough.

Any solutions to have the garage door close during sleep? Is there a way for the app or panel to send a close command even though it may be registering “closed”

As commands are sent based on the current status of the sensor, this would not work as desired in this case. If the tilt can somehow be propped in such a way that at the 6in mark it shows open, this may be a work around.