Garage Door Openers

I have a Marentec garage door opener. I can not tell if the garage door opener modules work with this or only the Liftmaster brand? The goal is to be able to open or close the garage door remotely as I can see the status of them (they are monitored sensors)

Here’s a good post on compatibility of the Liftmaster MyQ Garage.

I don’t know if MyQ Garage is wirelessly compatible with Marentec but just about any garage door opener can work with MyQ Garage if you throw in a Linear MegaCode receiver.

Thanks for your reply. I dont really care to use the Myq push button remotes to open the garage door. It looks like this is hardwired into the terminals of the garage door? Would this make the “compatibility” issue a moot point? I can use my existing transmitters and I can open close doors through ADC? I just want to be able to close the doors if I accidentally leave them open.

I have 2 garage doors with 2 manual push buttons on the wall and 2 garage door openers. What would I have to order specifically to control the 2 doors?

That’s correct. Assuming both doors are in the same garage, you would need:

1 x
1 x
2 x

You would still use your Marentec remotes. The Linear MegaCode receivers would be wired to the push button terminals on the garage door openers, just like push buttons.